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The Journey of Kornum 338

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In the beginning, launching an online casino is a complicated undertaking that requires lots of enthusiasm, knowledge, and cash. It's not easy to deal with finances and excitement by yourself, however it's better to work with skilled web developers along with legal consultants and game software developers who are familiar with the specifics of casino industry and are aware of how to start a initiative and to make it a success.

In this post, you'll discover an excerpt of tips and recommendations of these specialists, which will help you understand how to develop a site as an online casino brand new to the game, grab the interest of the players and get a license for it.

1. Choice of jurisdiction and license

It is your first goal, because the laws of all countries that allow gambling require it. The next step is to open bank and trading accounts as well as establish contact with payment solution providers , and buy game content. But without a valid licence or permit, you'll be unable to make your site visible and draw in users.

United States federal law permits state-owned online casinos to be licensed. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Nevada have already started to issue official authorizations to carry out online gambling for their residents. Other states have legalized online gambling on sports but they have not yet legalized online casino casinos (Mississippi, West Virginia, Rhode Island).

If you're located outside of the United States, use this interactive map to find out the areas where you can get the license you need. Choose a place of jurisdiction based on the following aspects:

The target user. Ideally, you require a certificate from the country that you are targeting for the primary intended audience. This will improve the confidence for the players and help to avoid complications that result from conflicts between their laws in the country of business and also the country in which you have obtained the license.

licenses available in USA, Canada, Great Britain and EU countries will assist in gaining the trust of large players, as the law enforcement authorities and laws for these regions are much more secure than offshore zones.

Costs and taxes. The cost of a license within the EU is several times more expensive than what you pay in offshore. For example in Austria, Switzerland or the UK licensing costs range from 350 thousand dollars, whereas for Costa Rica from 15 to 50 thousand dollars. Taxes in the developed world are generally higher.

Additionally, when you are creating the site to promote online casinos, need to consider the licensing requirements of the jurisdiction you choose to operate in. For example for instance, in Curacao this type of licensing requires the installation of a special server in the country. The entire casino transaction goes through it, which will allow you to keep track of your revenues (important for taxation) and fight money laundering and financing by terrorists.

2. Choosing a casino software provider

Gambling software forms the backbone of your web site's platform. Its reliability, speed, and security of your website depend on it in many respects. Furthermore, it is with the help of it that can manage the operations of your online casino site. This includes reporting the game's content, making payments accounts, marketing tools as well as other tools.

The decision here you'll make of three options:

The creation of fully-customized software will run you between 300 thousand to a million dollars. The high price pays off through the fact that you can control completely the source code, the game's design and process as well as all applications used. In addition, you have copies of the software. Additionally, there is no requirement to pa

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